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     Ravens in the Graveyard is a story that came together from a few meager names I had scribbled on a notepad.
     "Dozen. The Butterfly. Bosal Moon." That's it. The notepad sat on my desk for over a year, waiting for me. I didn't even plan on combining the three into one story . . . until I did. I wrote Bosal Moon first, and fell in love with him immediately. He reminds me of the simplicity of childhood; desiring nothing more than peace within the tiny corner of the world he lives in.

     The Butterfly was next. She took me by surprise, commanding her character with an air of dignity belying the stain of her role. 'Ravens' fell together within a few short weeks, and I fell in love with the characters.
     Sheriff Sutter took on a role of his own; he was easy to write for I fashioned him after a dear friend and fellow reenactor who is a retired lawman in his own right, and therefore a real-life hero.

'Sheriff Sutter'

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Ravens in the Graveyard Poster designed by:Jenna Miller of Ravenna Old West
Model Photography: Jenna Miller
Model: Zack Etter as "Bosal Moon"
Model: Jenna Miller as "The Butterfly"
Model: Craig Hensley as "Preacher August Maloney"

A senseless murder, a gullible cowboy, and one unusual witness.

Born with a simple mind and left without family, Bosal Moon grew up under the shadow of ridicule and loneliness. Now he must escape the only home he has ever known: Dozen, the dust-laden town morality had deserted long ago. Bosal leans on his sole friend for wisdom: Preacher August Maloney.

Each day, August tends to the ravens that flock to the graveyard outside his lonesome little church. Harbingers of wayward souls, he calls them. But the most wayward soul of all belongs to the Professional Butterfly, a ravishing woman with a talent for bleeding men of their integrity. Bored and broke, the Butterfly turns her attention on August and hatches a brilliant scheme to deliver him from a disaster of biblical proportions.

But her risky actions result in a shocking and untimely death. All fingers point to the Butterfly as the murderer. Only one witness remains, and he isn’t talking. 

Will Bosal be able to save the Professional Butterfly from the noose? Or will the callous judge get his way and hang one more wayward soul?

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