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     I am a writer. A dreamer, a reacher of the stars, and a whisperer of the past. Writing might be a lonesome task, but there is a cast of thousands in my mind, all of them scrambling for the attention they deserve. Without the tremendous help--and patience--of a few close friends, I would not be able to bring a few of those characters to light for the world to see visually. Each of "the players" below portrays a character or characters from my WIP novel series, still under pen and plow.

Welcome to a brief glimpse of my world....
The world of Moral, Texas, Indianola, Texas and Bannack Valley, Tennessee, circa 1865-1880

     The WIP "Moral" series will consist of three standalone series novels with others to follow, including spinoff books and shorts based on Moral characters. Researching and world-building takes time, I hope you'll stick with me as I progress, and allow me to introduce you to the books, the players, the characters who make up not only this epic series, but my life.

     -S. L. Matthews


"Charlie Bannack"


"Snake Oil Salesman"

"Thaddeus Beckett"


"Sideshow Performer"

"Sheriff Sutter"

"Tennessee Fen"

A very special thanks to my good friend Matt Hamilton ("Bannack") for dragging out gear & equipment and spending long hours in the field putting up with me and my locoed ideas for "the perfect shot". Always a pleasure shootin' ya, Brother.

If you would like more information on Matt Hamilton's old west dry goods store, please click here, and tell him I sent ya.


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